The unique solution for all your communications.

Would you like to be reachable on your fixed number even if you are not at home?

Would you like to call with your fixed number from your mobile?

All this is now possible thanks to JOIN ONE * FAMILY!

ONE* FAMILY, the guarantee of more mobility

by choosing the number on which you want to be reachable and call your caller from your mobile.

ONE* FAMILY, the guarantee of more security

by answering all your fixed calls from your mobile, you simulate your presence at home.

ONE* FAMILY, the guarantee of more savings

by removing your expensive subscription to your analog or ISDN fixed line and calling Europe from your mobile at a fixed line rate.

Your fixed line becomes mobile with ONE MOVE !

How does it work?


... on your fixed number, your mobile and your home phone ring at the same time! So you don't miss any more calls.

The + : You can also receive your fixed calls on the mobiles of your family even if you are not at home!

Dissuade thieves by answering calls on your landline, even away from home.


With the free mobile app PHONE+, decide to answer or not to your calls from your mobile.

+ proximity

Your family or your friends who are living abroad call you at the same price as  a fixed communication.


... from your mobile phone with your fixed number, it is this number that is displayed by your correspondent.

The +: Call with your fixed number from your mobile and enjoy the same rates as from a fixed line.


With the free mobile app PHONE +, choose which number you are calling from your mobile.

+ savings

With the ONE MOVE option, call the world from your mobile at the price of a fixed communication.

Don't wait any longer to discover ONE MOVE!

With ONE*,
take your fixed line everywhere with you:

JOIN, the first 3.0 european operator